Landing Your Focus



Step #2, Tip of the Nose – Day 1  Meditators often say that their practice offers them a greater sense of peace and ease when dealing with life’s ups and downs. Undoubtably, this generates more happiness and a lighter way of being in the world.  They also say that they notice improvement in their ability to focus. This could also be called improved concentration and it leads to clarity, stability, and insight.

In order to cultivate peace and develop concentration, we’ve got to train our mental body. We’ll start with the lower mind. You might say this is the aspect of the mental body that generates thoughts – lots and lots of them. It has a massive pool of thoughts to pull from; to mix and match, juggle, and sometimes even bombard you with, or so it feels. It’s helpful to train the mind gently and steadily by gently and steadily getting to know the mind – and a great way to do that is to simply observe it. Give it space and observe. The tip of the nose offers a wonderful vantage point for observation; a lovely place to rest your awareness as thoughts pass by. We’ll work with this all week.

A lighter way of being in the world was mentioned above. Have you noticed that we end each meditation with a mantra of sorts that involves light? We “breathe light into the mind, we breathe light into our feeling nature, and we breath light into our physical body…” You may ask yourself, “How do I breath light into my mind?” With intention. We were delighted yesterday to wake up to Martha Henry-MacDonald’s first post of this new round which expanded upon this notion; and equally delighted to sit with her guided meditation. Have a look at Martha’s post, I am Light, and tune into her guided meditation stream, Light, each Sunday, throughout the current round.

Happy meditating!


Tip of the Nose – Day 1

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