The Nose Knows



Step #2, Tip of the Nose – Day 3  The tip of the nose offers both a place of rest and a place of exploration; we can move our awareness to this spot in order give ourselves a rest from “the monkey mind,” or a mind that is bouncing about. The stability that this meditative focus provides allows for observation and discovery. As we have “a look around” within a meditation, we begin to notice the usually not-noticed; otherwise hidden detains of any particular moment move into the field of awareness. We can also choose to immerse ourselves in the wondrous experience of breathing. We are cultivating the ability to move our attention beyond the dense and obvious (which captivate our minds for the majority of the day) and open up to the subtle experiences within the moment. The breath at the tip of the nose leads the way.

Happy meditating!


Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 3


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