Embodying Heart-Mind



Step #6, Heart-Mind – Day 3  We wrap up this holiday week with another “straight to our sitting” meditation focused on Heart-Mind. The concept of heart-mind joins two principles that underlie our reality. The first principle is that energy follows thought. This reveals the truth that we create our own reality. What do your thoughts create? And the second principle is that we are all part of a complex, interdependent, and interconnected community of life. This reveals the truth that we are one – one family, one life. As we begin to embody heart-mind, we begin to participate in creating a world in which cooperation, respect, and harmlessness move to the forefront of our thoughts and behaviors. Altruism in action – that is the impact of heart-mind and a fantastic way to approach the new year.

Happy meditating!


Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 3



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