Simply Observing



Step #8, Asana – Day 1  We’re on the second half of this round of meditations, Step #8. Imagine the number 8. Trace it’s shape in your mind. The line moves up and around from the center and circles round back to its point of origin then loops down below and circles back around again.  It’s a befitting design… circling back round again. With the second half of the practice, we revisit steps 1-7. Steps 8-14 mirror those steps; they build on them. In the same way that Step #1, Smile, explored goodness, receptivity, and positive intentions, Step #8, Asana, explores the body and its inherent goodness.

The body is a vessel. It receives. It receives all day and all night. It receives food and water. It receives the breath. It receives sounds and visions. It receives hugs and smiles. Sometimes it receives aggression and others’ sadness. Your body receives the news of the day and the soundtrack in your headphones. It receives a coat and a hat in the winter, it receives warm sunshine in the summer. Your body receives rest… we hope so, anyway. How is your body feeling about all of this? Have you noticed?

Today’s meditation is a body scan exercise. We’ll allow your body express and your mind to receive; simply observing.


Asana Meditation – Day 1

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