How Many Bodies Do You Have?



Step #8, Asana – Day 2  How do you sense your body? How do you sense your body’s alignment? That depends on how you define “your body.” Proper asana is not limited to the alignment of your physical body; it also includes your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Do you experience comfort (physical), equipoise (emotional), or clarity (mental) during a sitting? Perhaps moments of any or all of these? If so, what conditions supported that experience? It’s all useful data in considering your body’s asana.  Balance in the body opens to door to shamatha, or peaceful abiding, and this provides the stable ground upon which the physical body, the emotions, and the mind can integrate into a vibrational whole. From this balanced state we have access to the divine nature of our being. Proper asana, indeed!

Happy meditating!


Asana Meditation – Day 2

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