Altitude and Poise



Step #8, Asana – Day 3  In sitting upright, in straightening and aligning the spine, the breath has every opportunity to become balanced.  You are balancing your asana, inside and out. You are balancing your sense of ‘self’ so that your inner posture and your outer posture can harmonize. A sloppy posture usually means a sloppy breath, a sloppy attitude, and a sloppy response to that which arises during meditation.  An upright posture usually supports a poised mind and a poised attitude. From this place, we have greater freedom in responding to sensations in the body, emotions that present themselves, or thoughts that may appear during a meditation sitting.

As we come to meditation with the intention to support altitude and poise, receptivity and awareness, we are supporting a lovely mental posture and supporting our body in the same way. As we get comfortable in mind and body, then our emotions report ease. With comfort and ease, you have established proper asana and you are ready. Ready for what? All that may be revealed in the very next moment, and the next, and the next.


Asana Meditation – Day 3


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