Your Vibrational Core



Step #12, Central Channel – Day 1  What does it mean to feel “centered?” Most would say that when they feel centered, they can sense the entirety of their being and it feels intact or poised or collected or aligned. We could use any number of terms that refer to some sort of equilibrium. If I were to invite you to center yourself, most likely you would straighten your back, withdraw your focus from exterior distractions, and feel your presence from the inside out. You may, consciously or unconsciously, be using the Central Channel as your guide. All that you are… every cell, every heartbeat, every joy, every disappointment, every thought, and every revelation is made manifest as a result of your Central Channel. It is the energetic counterpart to your spinal cord and, similarly,  it in-forms every aspect of your being.

When we lift our awareness to the higher realms of the mind and beyond, we are following the vibrational path of the Central Channel. When we ground ourselves, we are following energy lines the run all the way to the center of the Earth and thus we feel anchored to this physical stage upon which our every experience unfolds. The Central Channel is at once our vibrational umbilical cord and our compass. It sustains us and guides us. Indeed, it forms and informs. We celebrate the light at your core in this meditation. Enjoy!


Central Channel Meditation – Day 1


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