Living Awareness



Step #14, Living Awareness – Day 1  This is the final week of postings for this round of meditations. If you’ve been with us for the last thirteen weeks, congrats on setting the intention to develop a working and sustainable meditation practice – it is called a practice for a reason. By now, at this final step within the practice, meditation has done its work because you have done yours. Every meditation practice requires a bit of time, right-effort, and dedication; and more importantly, it requires the choice to give yourself something which only you can give – the gift of allowing awareness into your day to day life. As that choice becomes forefront in your daily experience, you become part of the dynamic energy that changes worlds. Life itself – your life – is the practice of living awareness.

We look forward to spending this week with you in meditation. Then, we will take a break for a few weeks and begin again. Happy meditating!


Living Awareness Meditation – Day 1





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