Practicing Living Awareness



Each moment is new and holds great opportunity. The opportunity to pause and take a gentle breath. The opportunity to offer yourself kindness. The opportunity to offer kindness to another. The next moment holds the opportunity to tap into the goodness in your heart, to be present with your feelings, to create space for the feelings of your loved ones, to embody patience and respect. In this moment and the next, we all have the opportunity to be aware.

May we use this time of limited social interaction to spend some quality time with ourselves, to find our center and tap into the quality that is innate in us all: living awareness. Perhaps ‘living awareness’ is best defined by what it does: it clarifies and  stabilizes, sparks wonder and curiosity, holds peace and equanimity, releases compassion into our hearts and insights into our minds. It reinforces our sense of interconnectedness and reveals our interdependence. In short, living awareness is YOU.

Spirit Fire is committed to cultivating and supporting living awareness through meditation. Join us for the new round of online meditations beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd. New meditations will be posted to the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next 14 weeks. Join us.




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