Open Heart, Open Mind


Step # 6, Heart-Mind – Day 3  “The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.” – Marianne Williamson

We are born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. The rest is learned. The unlearning is a mental process, which does not exclude the heart. Most Eastern languages consider heart and mind to be inextricably linked as they share the same word.

The Chinese character for “mindfulness” is nian. It is a combination of two separate characters; jin, which means “now-this,” and xin, which means “heart-mind.” The combined character means the act of experiencing the present moment with the fullness of your presence. As we embody heart-mind, we experience the deep understanding that we are all interconnected and that interconnectedness underlies our entire reality. Heart-Mind generates, sustains, and defines this notion.

Breath leads us to our lungs, our lungs lead us to our heart, and our heart has opened our mind. Happy meditating.

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 3

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