Universal Beingness



Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 3  Energy follows thought; this is a fact. Scans of a brain that is processing thoughts of a dramatic event show that its response is the same as if the dramatic event where real; that is, if it were happening in the physical world. Perceived stress is every bit a harmful as actual stressors… worrying about the potential of having no money is every bit as taxing as truly having no money… constantly reliving a bad childhood experience in your mind’s eye has a similar effect on your brain and your body’s emotional and chemical response as the day it happened.

There are also positive applications of this fact. Affirmations, prayer, and creative visualization techniques shape our lives in astounding ways. Our thoughts shape our reality. As we stretch our mental muscles and imagine ourselves, our family and friends, our planet, or our universe exactly as we’d like to see them, we immediately impact what happens next. Go with universal wellbeing and we’ll all reap the benefits! Happy meditating.



Downloadable Podcast: Luminous Perception – Day 3

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