Your Lighted Passageway

Milky Way


Step #12, The Central Channel – Day 1  The Central Channel is your energetic core from within.  It connects the above to the below and the inner to the outer. It is the high-vibration subtle energy replica of your spinal cord and it is linked to your entire nervous system via etheric streams of energy called “nadis” which are collected at points along the spine to form the energy centers called chakras. Perhaps that sentence calls for another read!  Yes, this is a somewhat technical step within the practice.

Put another way, and perhaps a simpler way, the Central Channel is the primary avenue of alignment with your highest self as well as a lighted guide leading you toward your innermost self. It is the mechanism through which your purpose and your intentions calibrate, precipitate, and then integrate into the ever-evolving being that is YOU. Yes!

Perhaps words fall short when trying to describe your ultimate connection to the All! We’ll work on experiencing that this week. Happy Meditating!


Central Channel Meditation – Day 1



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