A Breath and a Smile

Smile Meditation – Day 1 We’re back with a new round of meditations and we’re so glad you are joining us. On behalf of Spirit Fire, welcome.

Gentleness, peace and openness will be themes throughout. These can be the qualities of the moment, any moment. We can create space for them, allow them in and bring them forward. The truth is, like the sky, peace and gentleness are already present. Just as we can bring the expanse of the sky into a moment by looking up, we can bring peace, gentleness, and openness into a moment with a smile. We’ll take this into meditation. Enjoy.

Are you new to Spirit Fire’s practice or to meditation? Below is a short introduction.

An Introduction to the Practice of Living Awareness

Smile Meditation – Day 1

2 thoughts on “A Breath and a Smile

  1. So happy to go through this process with you again! I’m grateful I found Spirit Fire, the retreat and going through the Living Awareness cycle a few times has changed and continues to change my life.
    Thank you so much Steve…and the world thanks you.

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