Heart-Mind Awareness

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 1 We are all a part of the expression of life… each and every one of us. Those we love. Those who challenge us. Those we admire. Those we fear. Those who shape us. At times this human experience can seem merciless and at times it can seem blessed beyond belief; this is the warp and weft that creates the fabric of our existence.

At the center of this experience is Heart-Mind, which is both a quality and a vehicle. As a quality, it is omnipresent (we simply need to tap into it) and it generates a sense of connection. As a vehicle, it is shaping the world as we know it, moment by moment; we only need to direct it. We will spend this week celebrating our interconnection, interdependence, and our universal magnetism… and we’ll meditate!

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 1

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