Your Luminous Perception

Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 1  Activity can generate energy – rub your hands together for 30 seconds and you’ll notice energy being generated. The acting of rubbing your hands together also requires energy; it’s an exchange.

The mind is no different. As we aspire to higher vibratory levels of the mind (put energy in), we access refined thought-forms (the mental space is aglow). As we bring that light into our lives and shape it consciously we generate the stuff of goodwill, creativity, and purpose.

Though meditation can be relaxing at times, it is not about relaxation. Meditation requires effort. This week we will strive toward the upper reaches of the mental plane and utilize our all-access pass to imagination, illumination, and intuition. In other words, we’re gonna tap into our luminous perception.

Happy meditating!

Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 1

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