Your Aspiration Mechanism

Central Channel – Day 1  This week’s meditations bring awareness to the stream of energy which connects all aspects of our being: the physical body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Now that body and ground are part of our meditation training, we can lean into them for the stability required to focus on some of the inner energy sciences.

The tree in the photo above relies on its root system for stability as it aspires toward the sun. It also relies on its trunk, not only for tremendous support, but also as an efficient mechanism for nutrient exchange. The Central Channel is similar to the tree trunk in design and purpose. It is our energetic core and it connects above to below. Along with its physical counterparts, the spine and spinal cord, the Central Channel is constantly receiving, integrating and supporting.

The alignment and stability that we establish through meditation allows us to aspire and make contact with higher aspects of ourselves and the Central Channel is the energetic mechanism that makes this possible. The chakra system works in conjunction with this energy stream to allow you to express the fullness of you… a self, a soul, an aspect of consciousness and an ever-evolving human being.

Happy connecting and meditating!

Central Channel Meditation – Day 1

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