Seed Thoughts for the Chakras

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Central Channel Meditation – Day 2  Meditation is often promoted as a practice that facilitates peace of mind for the practitioner. This is true, but there’s more… much more.

Meditation is also helpful with mental receptivity; in this sense, it can be very creative. Meditation can produce new thoughts, illuminations, and inspirations. This is the work of vipassana, or insight meditation. In a practice of this kind, sustained effort is applied to lifting the mind to the vicinity of high-vibration thought-forms. The Indian sage, Patanjali, calls this mind-space “the raincloud of knowable things.” Through meditation, the mind becomes magnetic and new thoughts are attracted – they rain down. As the brain registers and interprets these knowable things, one can experience a sort of Eureka! moment or an expansion of the mind. New thoughts arise, new connections are formed, or there is a sudden ability to apprehend a previously unreachable concept. This is the creative and intuitive mind at its best.

A seed-thought meditation is one way to move your practice in the direction of insight. This technique works by “planting a seed” in the form of an intentional thought and then holding that thought in the light of the higher mind; this allows it to germinate and blossom… the thought becomes attractive, not unlike a beautiful bloom.

This may seem similar to an affirmation practice, which brings light to the mind by sensing and integrating the energy behind a high-vibration statement. The difference is that affirmations are used to create new mental habits… as an affirmation s repeated, new neural pathways are created which will direct the mind toward registering experiences related to the desired statement. Affirmations work flawlessly when effort is properly applied. You might say that seed thoughts work on the mental plane (mind matter), while affirmations work on the physical plane (brain matter). Seed thoughts generate new and expanded thought-forms, often after the meditation. We simply need to recognize them as they appear and apply the insights to our lives.

Sow the seeds and in time… reap!

Happy meditating!

Central Channel Meditation – Day 2

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