The Torus

Torus 3d

Flow, in the shape of a torus (pictured above), is happening all around you… microcosmically and macrocosmically.  It exists as an atom, the earth, the human heart, a chakra, and our galaxy to name a few. Toroidal flow is energy in circuitous motion.
We have worked with flow from the very moment that we began this practice. Our day begins and we are immersed in the flow. Our meditation begins and we are immersed in a different kind of flow. Truly, life is flow. Awareness flows into your experience and in-forms the moment.
Much like wind through a windmill or water pushing a waterwheel, the forward motion of life’s flow generates energy, awareness, creativity, and all that we need to grow, moment to moment to moment. Once more… breath is life; life is flow.  Happy meditating.

PS – If you’ve got the time, click here to watch a delightful animated video on the torus by the ever-creative folks at Spirit Science.

Toroidal Flow Meditation- Day 1

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