Allowing for What’s Next

Smile Meditation – Day 3  

 The body responds to a gentle breath in the same way most of us respond to a smile: with allowance. In other words, we really want take it in. Smiles make us feel good on a physiological, emotional, and mental level. They inspire happiness. Similarly, the body is receptive to gentleness and intention within a breath. It welcomes the offering.

Today’s meditation is an exercise in body scanning and an invitation to bring gentle awareness to your physical vehicle. The Practice of Living Awareness begins every meditation with a smile, a long slow deep breath, and a chance to settle the body, mind, and spirit. You can incorporate a shortened version of the body scan into your “settling” during every meditation. It is a wonderful way to tune into the vibration of allowing. Enjoy!

Happy meditating.

Meditation Audio: Smile – Day 3

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