Soften, Open, Receive Meditation – Day 3  

We complete this particular step of the practice with this meditation and something to ponder for yourself… can I receive and remain fully present, and then linger there? In other words, can you create the space for an experience, allow it into your awareness and then stay with it as it unfolds… simply allowing and allowing and allowing. It can be challenging.

Every experience elicits a response from some aspect of our being. For instance, we exhale in response to an inhale. Paying close attention to the process (our built in capacity to soften, open, and receive) can be a wonderful training. Spend some extra time taking it all in today. You may be delighted by the immensity, beauty, complexity, and diversity of all that appears.

Some wise words from Mike Dooley: “Most would never admit it, or they hide it from themselves, but everyone can sense God within. And once admitted, they can sense God in others.” This eloquently reflects the meaning of namaste. In other words, “I soften to, open with, and receive your light.”

Meditation Audio: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 3

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