Circulating Goodness


Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 2  

 In the mid-nineteenth century, scientists realized the Earth is a closed system, which means that the only thing that can be transferred to its surroundings is energy. It receives lots of energy from the sun, but its exchange of matter is near zero. That tells us that the elements in our environment are recycled. They are used again and again. Cycling and recycling is a natural part of our existence. That’s one reason we need to be careful and keep our environment clean and healthy.

The circulatory system is a closed system as well. Your blood is enclosed in vessels and the heart and it cycles and recycles as well. (Yes, also keep this clean and healthy.) Oxygen is received by the bloodstream as energy which will be used to “burn” the food you’ve eaten. The bloodstream also cycles minerals and hormones throughout the body – all to keep you moving and shaking in balance and harmony. Cycles of breath are received as blood cycles throughout the body as each day cycles in and out with the sunrise and the sunset… yes, yes, yes.

Balance and harmony – two words which perfectly describe the optimal experience of Heart-Mind. Cycling of the breath leads us to our lungs. Our lungs lead us to the heart. The energies of the heart open the mind.

Happy meditating.

Meditation Audio: Heart/Mind – Day 2

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