Loving Kindness Meditation


Heart Mind-Meditation – Day 3  

Heart/Mind combines the unifying qualities of unconditional love with the expansive qualities of inner-wisdom. Love and wisdom are foundational aspects of consciousness and both are put to right use in the Loving Kindness Meditation.

The words to this guided meditation are pictured above. Each stanza is read three times, silently or aloud. We start with ourselves. This is the way of all positive change… we begin with ourselves. Interestingly, this can sometimes be difficult. Once we take action to establish well-being in our own lives, we find we have the ability to offer it to others in earnest… this is the second stanza. Then in an act of pure spirit, the third stanza holds the space of loving kindness for all sentient beings.

The energy behind the words of the Loving Kindness Meditation hold a very high vibration which is easily accessible due to its simplicity. The task of the meditator is to stay in alignment (comfortable in the body, steady in the emotions, and clear in the mind) while registering the sentence in the brain and holding the essence of each sentence in the warmth of the heart. The brain? Yes, the brain. By simply hearing or reciting these words, they trigger areas of the brain associated with empathy, compassion, and interconnectivity. This exercise reinforces synaptic connections that promote your wellbeing and your capacity to positively influence the world around you. Now that’s Heart/Mind service!

Happy meditating!

Meditation Audio: Heart/Mind – Day 3

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