Pondering Smile

Over the past 7 weeks we’ve explored a variety of tools which are always at your disposable. Always. As long as you are still breathing, the practice of living with awareness is available. That’s the beauty of awareness – it’s always there; it simply needs to be invited in.

We completed the first half of the practice with Step 7: Interlude. The number 7 itself signifies synthesis, wholeness, and completion. 7 days come together to create a week. 7 colors form the spectrum. 7 musical notes complete the diatonic scale. The route of NYC’s 7-Train travels through more ethno-centric neighborhoods than any other subway line in the city, highlighting the fullness of America’s melting pot diversity… now that’s synthesis!

As always, within the Practice of Living Awareness, we’ll take a week off before we begin the second half. In that time, we invite you to enjoy 7 short audios which ponder the meditation theme of each of the previous 7 weeks. These were created by mindfulness instructor, Éowyn Ahlstrom. We’ll offer one per day, all week long. The first of the series reflects on Step 1’s “Smile” as a form of welcoming a meditation practice into your day as well as welcoming the present moment into your awareness.

Éowyn is a member of Spirit Fire’s Board of Directors, as well as the author of Mindscapes: Practice Poems and a teacher at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University.

We welcome her with a smile and a warm heart to this week-long series.

Pondering Week 1: Smile

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