Pondering the Practice

Enjoy this ten minute contemplation on the second step of The Practice of Living Awareness, Tip of the Nose. Step 2 explore focus: where is it, what is it, and how do we use it to our benefit? With “Smile” we got in the car and started up the engine, and “Tip of the Nose” takes us for a little drive. What’s the destination? Perhaps it’s as simple as following your nose.

Éowyn Ahlstrom has offered a reflection on each one of the steps of the Practice of Living Awareness that we’ve covered thus far in the current round of meditations. As this is our week off between the first and second half of the practice, we are offering one a day, all week long. Éowyn is a member of Spirit Fire’s Board of Directors as well as the author of Mindscapes: Practice Poems and a teacher at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University.

Pondering Week 2: Noticing Nuances

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