In Charge of Your Experience


Central Channel Meditation – Day 2  

Above is another representation of the dynamic energy architecture of the human being. There are many. This one illustrates the chakra system and the network of energies that allows you to experience the world around you and express your uniqueness. The central channel is pictured in yellow and is labelled in this image with its sanskrit name, sushumna.

Anodea Judith, who has excellently spent a lifetime popularizing chakra education, created the wonderful acronym CHARGE to describe the chakras, which stands for Consciousness Having A Really Genuine Experience. Indeed, your chakra system “charges” you with conscious goodness and it even puts you “in charge” of creating your reality.

Everything is energy. You are energy. You are a receiver, interpreter, and transmitter of vibrational energy; your chakra system allows for this. Each one of your seven energy centers is tuned to a specific frequency which informs – literally “in-forms” aspects and qualities of your being. What’s more, the chakras are both aligned with and sourced by your central channel. Today’s meditation uses seed thoughts to turn up the volume on each one of these wave-stations. Enjoy!

Meditation Audio: Central Channel – Day 2

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