The Vibrational Sea of Potential

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Central Channel Meditation – Day 3

Perceived emptiness in space is actually quite full in terms of energy and matter. 99 % of the matter in the observable universe is in the plasma state. Plasma is considered to be a fourth state of matter. Solid, liquid, and gas are three that we are quite familiar with and plasma is the fourth. It is gaseous in nature, though its atomic structure is split up into electrons and ions, which can move independently of each other. Plasma’s electrically charged particles, allow it to be strongly influenced by electromagnetic fields and forces. Some would say that plasma connects us – on a universal scale. It is the “stuff between” that perpetuates our interconnectedness and interdependence.

We are vibrational beings – we radiate and we magnetize. We generate electromagnetic fields which put us in direct discourse with the whole of the universe. What are you transmitting with your thoughts, intentions, and actions? And what are you attracting? Our central channel is at once a divining rod, leading us in the direction of our integral selves; and a super-magnet, pulling from plasmatic universal potential. Your beingness is quite the effective conductor, consistently creating your reality from the sea of possibility.

Happy meditating.

Meditation Audio: Central Channel – Day 3

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