Breathing with Toroidal Flow



Toroidal Flow – Day 1  

Flow, in the shape of a torus, is happening all around you… microcosmically and macrocosmically.  It exists as an atom, the earth, the human heart, a chakra, our galaxy, to name a few. Toroidal flow is circuitous in motion.

Breath is flow. We have worked with flow from the very moment that we began this practice. Our day begins and we are immersed in the flow of the day. Our meditation begins and we are immersed in a different kind of flow. Perhaps your meditation practice has inspired you to notice more throughout your day; to notice the usually not noticed. With awareness we are able to notice flows of all sorts. Truly, life is flow. As the rings of your awareness reach further, as they flow outward and gather more, they expand and include more and bring all of the details back to be your experience. The torus that is awareness itself informs your moment and brings the now into your flow while bringing you into the flow of the now.

Much like wind through a windmill or water pushing a waterwheel, breath moving along the central channel and generates energy, creativity, awareness, consciousness. Once more… breath is life; flow is life. Happy meditating.


Meditation Audio: Toroidal Flow – Day 1


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