A New Round of Meditations

Each moment is new and holds potential. It holds the potential for a gentle breath, for a gesture of kindness to yourself, or a gesture of kindness to another. The next moment holds the potential for peace, patience, and respect. In this moment and the next, we all innately hold, within ourselves, the potential for awareness.

May you use the next moment that feels available to tap into the quality of ‘living awareness.’ Perhaps ‘living awareness’ is best defined by what it does: it calls out to presence, sparks wonder and curiosity, holds peace and equanimity, releases compassion into the heart and insight into the mind. It reinforces our sense of interconnectedness and reveals our interdependence. In short, living awareness is your ever-opportunity to revel in the goodness of YOU.

Spirit Fire is committed to cultivating and supporting living awareness through meditation. Join us for a new round of online meditations beginning on Monday, September 27th.

New meditations will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the course of 14 weeks. That brings us right up to the New Year. What a way to wrap up 2021!

And even more exciting, we are pleased to introduce you to Jake Carignan. He has joined our team of meditation teachers. He’ll be offering meditations each Friday until the start of the new round. Enjoy!

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