Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation by Jake Carignan

Mindfulness is a 2,500 year old technique developed to help us become more present in our lives rather than scattered in our thoughts. It’s a down to earth method rather than some lofty spiritual idea. It is designed to help us get to know our mind and start up a friendship with it.

The essence of our practice is noticing the mind wandering off into a veil of thoughts and returning, again and again. This way, we become familiar with how often our thoughts grab us and pull us away from this moment. The trick is not to get judgmental, upset, or violent with our thoughts, but to treat them with compassion and return over and over to the present moment, knowing this is the core of the practice.

So let’s begin with a smile – to announce an atmosphere of friendliness for when the mind take us away. Let’s sit together.

Mindfulness Meditation

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