Remedy for Self-Hate

Meditation for Self-Hate by Jake Carignan

Hate is a very powerful energy that can destroy relationships and raise havoc in our lives. The issue isn’t that we feel anger, but that we either try to think our way out of it or act on its alluring storyline. Both methods only feed the fire further, burning more in it’s path.

How do we break this cycle? By paying attention to the pieces of it. If we can view hatred as raw sensations brewing inside our body and let go of the narration, then we can be free from this vicious loop. Thoughts feed emotions, so if we can take care of whatever emotion has arisen with compassion, the story falls apart.

So instead of trying to get rid of hatred let’s sit with it with eyes of compassion and get to know its quality. There are no good or bad emotions, just internal weather that needs our attention as a crying baby needs the presence of its mother.

Let’s play with some emotional alchemy

Meditation for Self-Hate

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