Sitting with Craving

Meditation for Craving by Jake Carignan

To be human is to desire. Craving, wanting, needing… we’ve all been there. One of the best things we can do when craving strikes is to pause and look into desire itself. If we can hold our seat and view wanting as a passing storm from within, then we will be able to see the sun come out without having to reach for the object or habit of desire. Craving comes on its own and it dissolves the same way, without needing to reach for anything. The key is stay with ourselves and feel it fully.

So let’s get curious of craving instead of fearful. If we can make friends with the raw sensations as they arise and dissolve, then overtime desire will loosen its grip.

“Feelings don’t exist to be satisfied; they exist to be felt”

– Ethan Nichtern

Meditation for Craving

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