Greeting a Smile with a Smile

Smile Meditation – Day 1: As we begin a new round of meditations today, we do so with a very gentle smile; smiling upon a world in need of gentleness, in need of the warmth of a smile. We’ll be here (or in your inbox) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next several months, guiding you through Spirit Fire’s meditation practice, the Practice of Living Awareness. May these recorded sittings serve as an invitation to go within and offer ourselves goodness, solace, inspiration, and care so that we may offer this to others.

Speaking of others, you may have noticed a new voice guiding you in meditation on this blog… it’s Jake! We’re so pleased to welcome Jake Carignan to our Spirit Fire team. He’ll be leading Wednesday’s meditations and then on Friday, Jake and I (Steve here) will discuss the teachings of the week and then lead a meditation afterwards. Togetherness. It just feels good.

Happy meditating!

Smile Meditation – Day 1

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