You, The Vessel


Ground of Being – Day 1 We have repeated several phrases throughout this round of the Practice of Living Awareness: “Energy follows thought.” “Your thoughts create your reality.” “You are a not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.” All of these support the concept, or the fact, that your body is a vessel. It contains lots of physical stuff to make earthly life possible: lungs, bones, skin, eyes, blood, and on and on. It also contains emotions, which help navigate the terrain of being human, moving us toward those things that support our existence and moving us away from those things which don’t. We also have thoughts – lots of thoughts. These arise from the brain, which is housed in the vessel.

Meditation allows us to observe that which the vessel precipitates (our thoughts), that which stirs the vessel (our emotions), and the size, shape, and texture of the vessel itself (our body).  Vessels fill through the opening at the top – which we’ve been exploring for the last couple of steps, Mind and Luminous Perception. Now we move down to the base, to our Ground of Being.

Happy meditating.

Ground of Being – Day 1

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