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Pondering Ground of Being

In today’s “pondering” of the practice, Steve and Jake discuss (with lots of laughter) the challenge and the magic of being fully present. Thich That Hanh’s affirmation, “I breathe, and I know that I am breathing,” factors heavily into the conversation. That is paired with a beautiful excerpt from Chögyam Trungpa’s, The Sacred Path of the Warrior: “The realm of perception is limitless. So limitless that perception itself is primordial, unthinkable, beyond thought. There are so many perceptions that they are beyond imagination. There are a vast number of sounds. There are sounds you have never heard. There are sights and colors that you have never seen. There are feelings that you have never experienced before. There are endless fields of perception.” Magical words.

Within the Practice of Living Awareness, the experience of Ground of Being (Week 11’s practice) is the result and culmination of experiencing the steps of the practice that led up to this one… isn’t that just life? Presence is an homage to every moment that allowed this one to happen!


Pondering Ground of Being

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