Gently Receptive

The meditative experience is found in the allowing. It is found in the softening. It is found in the opening. It is found in the receiving. When the body, mind, and spirit are receptive, we catch a glimpse of our innate interconnectedness. Connected to what? The ALL.  

Happy meditating!

Soften, Open, and Receive Meditation – Day 1

One thought on “Gently Receptive

  1. I love your meditations. I’ve been following for a year & 1/2 now since I found you. I had saved the meditations from 2021 & then was pleasantly surprised in February to get an email that you were starting over. Since I some how lost the first 4 months of 2021, this was helpful for me.
    But somehow I am no longer receiving an email 3xs a week. I was concerned something had happened.
    I never thought to check your website & go into the blog.
    Now, I have last weeks meditations & I can catch up.
    Peace to you & I will continue to donate thru SMIE until I can send a healthier check. : )

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