The Sweet Grace of Release

Receive, release, and receive again. This is a natural flow of occurrences that affects our lives in the grandest and the most subtle ways. It’s quite evident here, in New England, where winter cannot decide whether to release us from its grip or hold on for a bit longer. We, too, often resist releasing. It is easy to cling. We cling to the past. We cling to our fears. We cling to our beliefs. We cling to our parents. We cling to our traditions. We cling to our belongings. We cling to our cravings. The list goes on… without releasing its hold on our personal evolution and well-being.

The droplets above, on the verge of letting go, then frozen in time/space, offer a beautiful example of clinging to form. The breath consistently offers us the opportunity to experience the sweet grace of release.

Let’s explore!

Soften, Open, and Release Meditation – Day 1

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