Tune In and Turn On

 By Week 12, it may feel like you have options within your meditation practice. Options are good, they act like engines and propel us forward.

We live in an abundant universe and so options abound. We are free to choose our next thought, our response to the next experience, where we hang our hat, what music we listen to, the flavors of the food we eat, the people we surround ourselves with, etc. We can choose to forgive, to smile, and to extend a helping hand. We can choose to be kind. And we can choose to meditate. It all sounds really hopeful.

Each and every choice we make brings forward an aspect of our awareness. A full range of these aspects are contained within the Central Channel as distinct distribution centers of energy – the chakras. This seed thought meditation tunes them up.

Let’s explore.

Central Channel Meditation – Day 2

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