Ever-present Flow

Flow, in the shape of a torus, is happening all around you… microcosmically and macrocosmically. It is the ever-present cyclical flow of energy that produces and sustains the atom, the earth, a chakra, a solar system. Breath is flow as well as cyclical and ever-present.

As the day cycle begins and we are immersed in the flow of the day. A particular meditation begins and we are immersed in a different kind of flow. With awareness we are able to notice flows of all sorts. Truly, life = flow.

As the periphery of your awareness expands outward and reaches further, it gathers more—it includes more. These details are “gathered” to become your experience. You might say that the cyclical flow of gathering experience, and then evolving and expressing in response to that experience, shapes your life. Perhaps the shape of a life is toroidal!

Happy meditating.

Toroidal Flow Meditation – Day 1

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