The Shape of Life

The prior moment has shaped this new one. Our response to this moment will effect the shaping of the next. All of those moments together reveal the shape of our lives.

Toroidal flow reminds us that the world “out there” began “in here” in more ways than meets the eye. As we become more conscious of the omnipresent flow of energy from inner to outer to inner—all around and back again—we can experience a merging with the field of awareness.

That “merging” may ultimately be described as the felt sense of presence or stillness. It may also be described as coming into contact with the “point of unity” which is intrinsic to structure of the torus. Said another way, as we connect with the core of our being, we become a source of creativity—a channel through which the abundance of the universe naturally flows. And once more, this time poetically: the seed contains the fruit which will ultimately contain the seed.


Toroidal Flow Meditation – Day 2

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