Earthly Flow


Molten magma from deep in the Archean Earth flowed to its surface and solidified to create vast expanses of land which allowed for life on the planet to magnificently diversify in the water and on the ground. As in the photo above, when fiery lava hits the water, it turns from liquid to gas in the form of steam and flows into the atmosphere.

Whether it is a change in state from liquid to solid or a change in the expression of lifeforms from sea creatures to land dwellers, it’s all part of a grand global theme: change is constant. And as Earth is the stage for our experience, we are consistently touched by change… in every way.

Personally, our thoughts evolve, our bodies transform, emotions arise and dissipate. The key to making the most of this factor is embracing flow. How do you exist within your constant evolution? Harmoniously? Or discordantly? With ease or with resistance? We take this into meditation today.


Flow Meditation – Day 3

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