Magical Release

We got release-happy and published this last week by mistake… here it is again, right on time!

Getting to know your mind and your breath a bit better through meditation? We hope so. They offer us a lot. Paying attention to the breath inevitably leads us to the lungs… those masters of receiving and releasing.

Your lungs have a lot in common with the other masters of receiving and releasing – trees! Here, in New England, trees are working their autumn magic and celebrating release as leaves dance to the ground day after day. Have a listen as we honor both trees and our lungs today. A celebration in and of itself.

Happy meditating!

Soften, Open, Release Meditation- Day 1

2 thoughts on “Magical Release

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been using your meditations for a couple years. Love ‘em & I’ve gone lots of different types including physic meditation which is awesome but can be exhausting in its visualization steps.
    I find your voice very soothing & the steps easy ( ecentjough I’ve been through probably 4 rounds including this one)
    I am an LMT practicing Myofascial Release & also a functional medicine health coach.
    Yesterday one of my coaching clients actually said “ I want to try your mediation system. The one where you focus on your nose” ( lol)
    So I told her I would share however it’s not on your menu any longer.
    Anyway she could access this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sheila Murray LMT

    1. Hello Sheila. Thank you for your kind words. Many of the previous rounds are purposefully kept on the blog so people can focus on a particular step, or do the whole program at their own pace. “Tip of the Nose” is Week 2. At the bottom of the blog is a search window that allows you to look for meditations on a particular step. She could search for “Tip of the Nose” meditations… there’s lots to choose from. Also, under the main menu bar, you’ll see a drop down with a sub-menu titled “Previous Rounds.” That a good place to browse as well. Have a great day and thanks for meditating! And for spreading the word!

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