Subtle Presence

Where does your body exist within space? That may depend upon what you mean by your “body.” Proprioception is the spacial awareness of your physical body. Are you aware of your emotional body? Does it extend beyond the container of your skin? What is the reach of your mental body? Has anyone ever read your mind? Were they next to you? Across the country? Can you imagine the traced outline of your spiritual body? Can you sense its breadth?

As we come to know our personal requirements for comfort and well-being, appropriate emotional response, and a clear mind, we move toward proper “capital-A” Asana; one that reflects a certain alignment and integration of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

From a balanced state, we have access to the divine nature of our being. This reveals the body not only existing within an expanded space, but at one with it.

Happy meditating.

Asana Meditation – Day 2

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