Balanced Alignment

Energy follows thought; it’s a fact. What is the quality of the energy that your thoughts are producing? A few minutes into any meditation sitting should reveal a lot. 

Words are simply thoughts sheathed in sound. What kind of energy are your words producing? What is the quality of your dialogue? Watch your words without editing them for a day or two. Ask yourself, “Are my words kind, true, and necessary?” “Do they improve upon the silence?” “Are my words aligned with my true sense of self?”

This week we’ve been working with alignment, which can feel like balance. The body’s ability to balance is often supported by core physical strength, which allows for flexibility and grace. A balanced mind allows for clarity, as well as flexibility and grace. Certainly, meditation strengthens and supports this.

Once we find our center, everything else falls into place.


Asana Meditation – Day 3

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