Lifelong Friends

On this holiday week, friendship takes on a special meaning. It’s been scientifically proven that time with good friends positively impacts nearly every area of our lives. Friendship reduces stress levels, drastically improves the odds of beating a major illness, and it is the key component of a happy marriage.

Speaking of marriage, have you ever considered that, in many ways, you are married to your mind? No vows were exchanged, but the interdependence between you two is undeniable (and hopefully the love, respect, and admiration).

That said, meditation teachings have one clear purpose: befriending the mind. In order to do this, you have to spend quality time together. Make a date, find a quiet place, and sincerely ask, “how have you been?” Sounds a lot like what we have been doing here, within the Practice of Living Awareness.

This week, we explore the mind… so sit down and prepare yourself for an earful… that’s what friends are for!

Happy meditating.

Mind Meditation – Day 1

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