On the Earth, Of the Earth

 You are on the Earth and of it. You are experiencing the world around you: responding to it, moving through it, and shaping it.

Your thoughts arise from the data stored in your brain, yet ‘mind’ as a phenomena, exists beyond it. 

Emotions arise and dissipate. They are the result of chemicals released under the direction of your nervous system. They work in tandem with a wide variety of organs and hormones… as well as your brain and the thoughts it’s producing.

Your physical body is incredible and it is constantly evolving by way of… well, mostly pure magic. It is fantastically adapting and changing in relation to both the interior world of thoughts and emotions, and the exterior world of people, places, and things. 

Each and every one of your expressions play out through this vessel—called youon this stage—called Earth. All week we’ve been exploring these containers, which constitute our ‘Ground of Being.’

Life on Earth is a magnificent parade of expressive beings… from caterpillars to cacti, from gazelles to garnet, from fireflies to fungi, from peacocks to porpoises. It makes you want to get up and dance!

Get happy! (Yes, dance!)

Ground of Being Meditation – Day 3

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