Being and Becoming

Enjoy this quote from Brian Swimme:

“The universe emerges out of an all-nourishing abyss, not only fifteen billion years ago, but in every moment. Each instance, protons and antiprotons are flashing out of, and are as suddenly absorbed back into, all-nourishing abyss. All-nourishing abyss then is not a thing, nor a collection of things, nor even, strictly speaking, a physical place, but rather a power that gives birth and that absorbs existence at a thing’s annihilation. The foundational reality of the universe is this unseen ocean of potentiality. If all the individual things of the universe were to evaporate, one would be left with an infinity of pure generative power.”

Every breath, in-fact, pulls from this unseen ocean of potentiality. We are in a constant state of becoming. This is the power of meditation—consciously choosing to witness to the supreme magic that is simultaneously being and becoming.

Happy meditating.

Central Channel Meditation – Day 3

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