Release Into Freedom

We live in a material word. We hold things.

In the wintertime, we hold snowballs. In the springtime, we hold wildflower bouquets. In the summertime, we hold beach towels. In autumn, we hold caramel apples. Snowballs get thrown. Bouquets go in vases. Beach towels get hung to dry. In other words, we move on from these things and all’s well.

We also hold onto things. We defend our favorite threadbare t-shirt. We clutch a loved-one’s arm. We hold tight to our last dime. If you feel into it, you can sense the mighty effort required to cling to these things. It almost feels unnatural.

Once again, the breath can show us the way. Just as we softened, opened, and received the breath, we soften, open, and release it. This is natural flow. It takes tremendous effort to cling to an inhale. And… it just feels so good to let go.

The same goes for letting go of your favorite t-shirt. You’ll soon have a new one.

Happy meditating.

Soften, Open, Release Meditation – Day 3

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