Peering Toward the Empty Mind

Volumes upon volumes have been written about the dense concept of emptiness. Sounds like a cosmic “joke’s on you,” huh? Yet, it’s a subject worth pondering, and an experience worth mustering.

Emptiness is quite tricky to fathom, let alone experience, in our world of 10,000 things. Both Buddhism and Quantum Science would agree that the true nature of things is that they are empty. As we play our part in experience by participating (the cause that produces effects, in simplistic Buddhist terms), or by simply observing (as wave becomes particle, in simplistic Quantum Science terms), we influence our own reality and its appearance in the phenomenal world. These appearances arise from the infinite vastitude of emptiness.

Is it possible to exercise our will into the void? What happens next? Is it possible to observe nothingness (no-thing-ness)? How can that be, without it being a thing? We certainly won’t answer these questions today. Though, again, they are well worth pondering. However, we will move toward the inner-space of pure potential, that meditative sweet spot where focus steadies, expansiveness readies, and… we simply let go.

Happy meditating.

Mind – Day 3

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