Light reveals. A luminous mind reveals insights and inspirations which can lead to a sense of hopefulness, wonder, or contentment. A direct doorway to luminosity is the simple act of appreciation. 

As yesterday was Mother’s Day, perhaps you appreciated your mom. Appreciation opens the mind to goodness and allows for lingering. Perhaps lingering on thoughts of your mom drew you closer to her essence, to her being-ness. This may generate reverence, which leads to gratitude. Moms give us all so much. 

Gratitude opens us to empathy which may lead to compassion. Perhaps you baked cupcakes for a friend who recently lost their mom, or for a friend who deserves to be celebrated even though she’s never been a mom. 

Compassion often begets goodwill. And goodwill illuminates our innate beauty. Within that beauty, we perceive the truth that all beings on Earth have a mother and that all creation is divine. 

Try a bit of appreciation. See if it leads you to luminous perception. Enjoy!

Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 1

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