Joyful Awareness

Happiness has a liveliness to it. It creates momentum.

When we’re really happy, we want to yodel from the mountaintops! As we spiral up from happiness on the emotional scale, we get closer to feelings that become tinctured with aspects of the mind… appreciation, empathy, compassion, wonder, and joy.

Joy, in particular, engages the higher aspects of the mind and brushes up against our spirit. When we experience joy, we can sense the entirety of our being merging with the perfection of the moment; boundaries dissolve and we feel as if we are one with the loveliness that is unfolding. Joy is expansive and immersive, not unlike the mind & spirit .

Meditation leads us toward our innermost self and provides the steadiness necessary for us to linger. From this space, contentment has the opportunity to arise; compassion becomes a possibility, both toward ourselves and toward others. This can lift us up. With upliftment, we may experience spaciousness; joyful awareness resides here. Oh, to be human in those special moments that contain joy!

Happy meditating.

Living Awareness Meditation – Day 2

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